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Multilingual insults

These creative insults are translated into several languages for your multilingual insulting needs
(Apologies also included)
If you have any suggestions for creative insults you would like to see on this page e-mail me

  • Your mom is cheese!
    • Spanish - ¡Su mamá es queso!
    • French - Ta maman est fromage!
    • German - Ihre Mutti ist Käse!
    • Italian - La sua mamma è il formaggio!
  • You scum sucking pig!
    • Spanish - ¡Usted espuma chupar puerco!
    • French - Vous l'écume suce le cochon!
    • German - Sie Schleim Saugen Schwein!
    • Italian - Lei schiuma il maiale di succhiare!
  • You son of a motherless goat!
    •  Spanish - ¡Usted hijo de una cabra sin madre!
    • French - Vous le fils d'une chèvre orphelin de mère!
    • German - Sie Sohn einer mutterlosen Ziege!
    • Italian - Lei il figlio di una capra orfana di madre!
  • You smell like fish!
    • Spanish - ¡Usted huele como pez!
    • French - Vous sentez comme le poisson!
    • German - Sie riechen wie Fisch!
    • Italian - Lei odora come il pesce!
  • I'm sorry
    • Spanish - Lo siento
    • French - Je suis désolé
    • German - Ich bin erbärmlich
    • Italian - Sono dolente
  • I didn't mean it
    • Spanish - Yo no lo signifiqué
    • French - Je ne l'ai pas signifié
    • German - Ich habe es nicht bedeutet
    • Italian - Non l'ho significato


I have that song stuck in my nose!